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Just a little about me...

I am originally from Birmingham in the UK. My academic background is not in sewing or dressmaking, but I’ve always had a passion for creating things whether using my Interior Design skills, Multimedia or Town & Country Planning or even my Hair & Beauty skills. I love being creative and exploring how to make better spaces to live in, so why not clothes.


I have been sewing for a number of years now, I’ve rounded it up from 2014 but it’s a bit before that if I’m honest.

I have always been surrounded by family members who could sew, knit or cook etc, so I guess it's a no brainer, but the desire or interest came whilst in secondary school, yet I didn't pursue this at the time. 

I wasn't in the right mind frame. Skip a few hundred years and here I am, slightly more rounded and grounded with a passion to make clothes that fit me and keep my modesty in toe!

I found that others made sewing hard for people who were interested to learn, so my mission is to make it easier so that you can get creative and sew much more with me!

Copyright 2023 Jade Jones
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