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Copyright 2023 Jade Jones

Sewing Workshops 


Beginners Sewing Workshop (5 weeks - 2 hour sessions)  ~ Introductory price £100 (£20 per session)

  • Learn how to use a sewing machine and all its functions, and change a needle, wind a bobbin 

  • Learn how to measure to size and translate that to the sewing pattern 

  • Learn how to read & understand Commercial Sewing Patterns 

  • Understand how to choose fabric/ material for your project 

  • Learn about different seam finishes and stitches

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Intermediate Sewing Workshop (7 weeks - 2 Hour sessions) ~ £210 (£30 per session)

You will been given a project to complete where you will use a commercial sewing pattern which has certain elements that will require you to be able to achieve  i.e Collar, inserting a zip, buttonholes etc

There will be week by week guidance. At this level you should be more comfortable with the basics and will be able to demonstrate this through your project.

You will be shown various stitching methods i.e shirring, blind hem

Advanced Sewing Workshop (9 Weeks - 2hour sessions) ~ £495 or £55 per session 

In this workshop you will work independently on a project of your choice but the criteria must include some of the following - Plackets, Button holes, Shirring, Lapels, Interfacing, Inserting a invisible zip, cuffs, pockets, top stitching, bias tape and finished with a professional hem style  e.g French seam or overlocker/ serger and be lined. 

Overlocker Fast Track 2 Session Workshop (2 hours per session)  £97


This 2 session workshop is to give an understanding of the the basic functions of the Overlocker /serger, such as the differnt tensions, differential feed etc.


You will be shown how to thread the overlocker the upper and lower loopers and practise threading the machine with guidance and then by yourself. 


You will learn rolled and lettuce hem seam techniques to finish a garment using these methods aswell as the standard.


You're most welcome to bring your own machine, however there is an Overlocker available.   

Copyright SMMWJ 2023 African Print Fabric

African Attire 10 Week Workshop £25 per 2hour session (max 6 people per workshop) 


Learning to create African attire, Head wraps, two piece i.e Trousers/ Skirt  & Matching Top,

You will need to know the basics of how to use a sewing machine, understand commercial sewing patterns as a foundation I would reccomend booking onto the beginners sewing class prior to joining this workshop, as the pace and level of this workshop will be more independent


You will learn to plan out your design

You will create a Toile test garment to measure  

You will be using African printed fabrics

You will be using Interfacing and lining

Creating/ altering commercial sewing patterns to match your design 

Inserting normal or invisible zips 

Learning how to add buttons and create buttonholes

Bonus may have a chance to make accesories e.g. earrings,  bracelets 

You will be showcasing your finished garments in a Fashion Show 


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Kids Sewing Workshops 6-12years old boys & girls welcome


£80 for 4 classes biweekly (Every other Saturday)


90 Minutes sessions (hour & a half)


Child friendly tools, materials and equipment included 


Learn how to Cross Stitch, Hand stitch and Machine Stitch 


Projects to be given according to level and age 

Parent/ Guardian supervision necessary for the duration of the class.

For a workshop/ sewing class to commence a minimum of 5 children need to attend. 

Payment to be made in full before start date. Non refundable. For non attendance you may be able to transfer to another workshop please discuss with Tutor should this occur. 

For your child/ren to be added to the waiting list call -



So much fun 

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