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Autumn to Winter

With the hues of orange, brown, red and left over green from summer around, which gives us enough warm colours to look at before it turns icy cold and all we are left with is bare branches or ever green trees and bushes, we can appreciate the incoming winter months.

Why am I saying this?, because we can take inspiration from nature when we

are sewing or creating items for our homes or wardrobe.

How? I hear you ask .... well as the trees start shedding, we can take their lead and start rounding up all the clothes in our wardrobe that no longer serves us, because it either doesn't fit or is not the right style cut anymore. Well, what will I do with them? Give, give, give them to charity , a family member, a friend, an acquaintance, sell.

Or upcycle, re purpose some, as I do not want to encourage you to hoard, as we are taking our example from nature remember? The trees shed, they don't start putting back on the leaves because they like the hues of orange and red.

I see women and men who stay in the same fashion sense all their lives, this can sometimes affect our relationships with others, How? well when we don't take care in our appearance, it follows through to our attitudes and decisions and can even make others decide whether they want to start a relationship with us or not from romantic to plantonic friendships or even to business when engaging with us.

For example how do you feel in a onesie all day to when your suited and booted? simply by wearing different apparel we feel different. When we switch up our trend every once in a while it can have positive effects, you might feel younger, look younger or treated with more respect, behave more confidently etc.

But Jade, I just can't depart with my clothes!... well it's your choice, but I want you to know once you make room and either sell or donate what's taking up space, you will feel much better, lighter, free , clear the list goes on. Test it.

When we give, we naturally feel good, when we get creative, we feel renewed...However when we keep holding onto physical things, we can subconsiously feel aggitated, irritable and frustrated and not knowing that we are cluttering our mental health and holding our selves back.

Hence why I create my own clothes, I love choosing the fabrics and the style from a sewing pattern, it's always unique as it's bespoke. I guess I need to make a head start on making some space so that I can be free to create.

With that said let us set ourselves in good stead for the New Year ahead to receive and flourish with new colour, space, clarity so that we can be at our best in every season.

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