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June, July ...Jugust?

You're probably wondering, "oh Jade what great typo you have" no it's there for a reason.

So many times we focus all our attention in the first few months of the year, but the middle months just seem to race passed us as though we were unaware.

It's important to be really intentional about these months, because it's a time when some people relax because of the summer holidays, kids are

Off school... the majority of the country is in this mode of 6 weeks holiday season.

But if you're a small business like myself, every month

is crucial for growth and service that's provided to the customer I don't want to be shelved like a jug and innefective to those who attend the workshops. As I grow and progress, so do those who attend.

The mindset of Summer should be taken from the ants "work harder as the winter will come, when not much can be done".

Is there anything you need to work on now, so that you can relax more later? I totally agree with down time, to enjoy with family and loved ones and we must have personal alone time to reflect and regenrate ourselves, but equally we must not allow ourselves to get drifted away by the middle of the year, because if we do we will be trying to make new year goals based on what we could have done in the summer gone. Ultimately lets utilise our time more effectively where we can and not let these ninja months pass us by.

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