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Let's Spring into Action

With Spring fast approaching, even though we are still dressed for winter, we must get into the motion of planning ahead for better times. We can not control what's seemingly happening around us in the world but we can surely control what we would like to do and bring some stability to our own world by planning and inserting things we enjoy doing into our busy lifestyles.

Lately I was compelled to create a pesky microsoft excel spreadsheet of my weekly schedule to help plan my life better and caught myself an accountability partner in the process regarding time waste and how I would manage my time more productively moving forward.

As it's so easy to start scrolling and flicking on socials and before you know it, nothing has be done.

I am all for relaxation and allowing some mindless pass time i.e favourite soap opera. However I myself, have decided to be more conscious of my time and productivity so that I can reach certain goals quicker and also be of more benefit in my services that I provide in my sewing workshops, and with this vision if I become better, those who attend the workshops will organically become better and that's what I want to see.

There's so many different items to make such as flowy dresses, jumpsuits, casual tops and trousers even a lightweight tote bag for grocery shopping the list goes on and the creativity is all the more exciting. So with this in mind I need to spring in to action and enjoy the process as things are about to bloom in 2023!

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