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May Day, May Day!

I may have to be utterly grateful for all these bank holidays we've been having in May in the UK,

although most of my workshops are run on Mondays, I've had to utilise this time in other parts of Sew Much More With Jade, such as alterations and bespoke clothing and believe or not admin, yes admin. Someone's got to do it, so with that in mind a dollop of gratefulness and different perspective doesn't go amis.

We must have balance in our lives to manage all that is set before us. Many times people say there is not enough time in the day to do the things they need to get done. But there is, we just have to manage our time better. It always helps to have a few added bank holidays though!

So take some time to think, sit down with yourself and do some groundwork, you may be surprised how much more you are able to accomplish by planning out your next steps or having a clearer task list to follow ...and hey you have another bank holiday coming up (if you live in the UK) so make the most of it!

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