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Meeting a Bee in the Summer...

Its funny how the algorithm can lead you to make connections with some amazing people, never did I think I would be conversating all things sewing with Lauren Stone from The Great British Sewing Bee. As I stared at my TV screen eagerly anticipating the next sewing challenge. Yet there I was meeting other creatives within the West Midlands, first at The Table in Walsall and then at a charity event in Moseley Village.

The most important part was listening and sharing experiences and contemplating future ideas for projects we'd like to embark on.

With so many events, festivals, workshops , classes , meetups and dropins; it can be become very tiring and hard to keep up so building a good network is vital. I guess it goes without saying busy as a bee :) ... but as we now transition into Autumn/ Winter, it becomes more apparent to start planning ahead for the oncoming year and put all what we said we'd like to do into so form of motion or else it would have all been pointless conversation.

I strive to not be taken away with pointless small talk, but rather to have productive pow wows with influential people as I see this is the only way to move closer to the goal. You can imagine how much time any given human wastes on a day to day basis, as no one really is 100% productive all of the time, even we humans need to smell the flowers on the odd occasion.

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