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Sew you've made it!

You've only gone and done it ....completed your first garment or item. You take a look at it and feel proud and wonder who will be the first to critique your master piece!

and the dreaded feeling of missing a stitch or fraying appears not fear this is all experience, and only hones your future skills as you will pick up on all the minor snags that you didn't see in the process. But hey you did it !... now you'll be on to your next project in a flash. But what fabric?, which design?, what colours, well that my friend is where your creativity lays.

I tell the people who attend the workshops to make a list of the things they would like to make first, so that they can tick them off as they go along. This also helps control and restrain impulse buying as when one should carelessly go wondering into fabric shops or the market and suddenly finding out that you have a sudden urge to spend enormous amounts of money that you don't have on luxurious fabrics of all kinds you'll understand what fabric addiction is.

It's what we seamstresses and dressmakers and occasional sewers have in common, we all continously buy fabric, knowing full well that we have hoards of it, in bags, cupboards, closets and wardrobes oh yes and stashes of off cuts from previous projects in our overcrowded sewing rooms, corner, studies or spaces. Do not be fooled, once you get a touching and a rubbing these materials and after a few ooooh and arrrrs you'll be worst than the likes of us in every possible way. On to the next!!!! there are a plethora of fabricshops but a good bargain per metre you can't go wrong ...leave me a comment as to where you have found a good hot spot and the area as it may help your fellow sewer,

Until the next project keep sewing!

Jade ; )

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