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Updated: Nov 12, 2022

Welcome to My Sew-ing Blog!

It's been a while since I posted or wrote a blog...

So here I go sometimes we get stuck, yes stuck with a project that we are trying so hard to complete that we end up putting the pins in it and calling it a day. Well I'm here to tell you, you're

not alone firstly as I have done this myself on a few occasions. So how did I get out of this mental mud?. You have to remind yourself of the first initial thought you had originally the garment will look ....the end result! you envisioned this, your imagination saw this, so you started with your pattern , started to lay it onto the fabric and cut, you pieced pieces together but then something didnt look right, the instructions started to make no sense. Go back to the last step that you did and remember no one will hold a gun to your head if you go abit wild and figure it out without using the instructions.

Then there is always the other option to come and join me in one of the sewing workshops of course so we can figure it out together lol.

I think we just need to remember there is always going to be a time, when we meet our commercial sewing pattern match or if your not this far in the game our sewing machine battle!. The threading wars that happen, especially when people are new to threading an overlocker are real and I'm here for you and can empathise completely, take a break, gain some much needed strength, breathe, think about things that make you happy and then get right back at it!

Send me a message or keep me posted on a project you are working on I love to see a work in progress and end result or come and join me, and book onto a workshop I'll help you get unstuck!

Jade :)

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