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May 2023

Welcome to Sew Much More With Jade, where we specialize in creating a fun and inclusive environment for people of all abilities to learn and enjoy the art of sewing. We take pride in our ability to cater to those with special needs, autism and various disabilities, making our workshops accessible to everyone. We were honored to run two workshops at The Gateway in the run-up to the king's coronation, and we continue to offer fun and engaging classes for all participants! Join us as we sew, laugh and create together!


August 2023

At Sew Much More With Jade, we are passionate about teaching others the art of sewing. Our latest event with ‘We Are The Village’ saw successful results in creating tote bags, while teaching fundamental techniques to young people aged 12-16. With years of experience in sewing, we are proud to share our skills and knowledge with beginners and advanced sewers alike.


Fezsta CIC 

Fezsta CIC 

At Sew Much More With Jade, we are passionate about sharing our love of sewing with others. We recently had the pleasure of running our 5 Week Beginners Sewing Workshop for Fezsta CIC in Newtown Birmingham, and we were thrilled with the experience. It’s our goal to provide an environment where individuals can learn a new skill which can also serve as a therapeutic outlet. We hope to continue this joyful journey by holding sewing workshops for other organizations and communities in the future.

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