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How's it going? So, Sew

So after so long, I get asked the question ... how's your sewing thing going? well it's going pretty well, could do better, meaning I could do better. By being more proactive in investing in sewing a whole lot more, however life always finds a way to get in the way of that. If we don't make time for sewing, it kind of gets more and more distant from action and becomes more like a fantasy hobby.

Then another question rears its ugly head, when's the last time you sewed anything? sheepishly you respond ooh about a month ago, or was it two? oh gosh it was last year sometime, I just haven't had the time. But it's because you were in the middle of a project that, didn't get finished either due to a hectic lifestyle or you hit the sewers brick wall and thought; I'll come back to this later and later turned into months and then a year or two.

Oh I'm not pointing fingers but I'm urging you to dust off the machine, get a cup of liquid of your choice and get back on the sewing wagon, you can thank me later as you have a project to either finish off or do.

Our sewing life is what we make it, mistakes and all. You'll feel at ease once you get into the swing of it stitching along. Do send me a picture of your makes, I'd love to see them! and hopefully you get out of the so so mentality of not sewing and leaving your sewing machine upstairs in the actic or in a box somewhere : )

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